THINK postcard

THINK postcard

Side A (print resolution)

Side B (print resolution)

by AJ

A printable postcard to aid media literacy.

Side A shows an image of a plane typically used to illustrate survival bias. Its wings and tail are riddled with bullet holes, while the propellors are intact. The word ‘think!’ is superimposed in capital letters.

Side B shows the following text:

‘Before you trust what you’re told, THINK! Is it…


  • Does the piece provide a source, or is it anecdotal?
  • Can you read the full source, in the piece or by searching elsewhere?
  • Does the source actually support the piece’s claims?
  • If it’s anecdotal, does it tell you specifically who said it?


  • Are all the facts given, or only one small part of the full picture?
  • Can you tell what isn’t being discussed?


  • What feeling does the piece evoke in you?
  • What do you think the author wants you to do about it?
  • What do you think you’re going to do about it?


  • Whose interests is this story helping, and whose is it hurting?
  • How many people are affected by this topic?
  • Is the detail given relevant to the story?


  • Is different language used to describe different people or groups in the same situation?
  • Are people being treated as people or as objects and symbols?
  • Who does this piece think deserves empathy?’


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