Screamscape Harmonium print

Screamscape Harmonium print

Print resolution (A3 and below)

A poster parodying a 90s video game ad. Ransom-note style lettering is superimposed over a lurid image of shattered windows. It reads:

‘Think you’re tough? You’re a wet gay nerd. Death approaches.’

At the bottom of the page, smaller text reads ‘Run. Hide. Scream. Wet your pants and beg for mercy like a mewling piglet. Then do it all again because you love it, faggot. Coming to PC August 27th.

Screamscape Harmonium © 1999 Kryobyte Games all rights reserved.’

To the right of this text is a screenshot of gameplay, which features a blocky player in a low resolution 3D environment facing a poorly rendered skeleton. Below the screenshot is a game logo, which consists of the words ‘Screamscape Harmonium‘ in a slightly elongated Times New Roman font.


One response to “Screamscape Harmonium print”

  1. Emberian Solunaria Avatar
    Emberian Solunaria

    this poster is great. i am a wet gay nerd myself lmao

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