Elements Postcard Set

Elements Postcard Set

Full Set (zip)

by R/L Monroe

A set of five print-resolution postcards featuring alchemical and occult symbols:

Fire: The symbol for sulphur, topped by a crown and flanked by mirrored salamanders. The background is painted with bright orange flames.

Air: The symbol for the sun, with a pair of feathered wings. Below it is a banner featuring the phases of the moon. The background is painted with a yellow radiant shape.

Water: The symbol for mercury, flanked by mirrored squid. Beneath it is a collection of seashells. The background is painted with a blue whirlpool.

Earth: The symbol for salt, topped by a skull-like deer head with large branching antlers. Beneath it is a patch of flowers. The background is painted mottled yellow-green.

Ether: An all-seeing eye pyramidion superimposed on an inverted pentagram, flanked by mirrored ghosts. Above it is an infinity symbol. The background is painted with a smoky indigo-violet shape.


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